Who can build the best app?

Come embark on a 48 hour journey as we set sail with other innovators, creatives, thinkers and doers for a weekend full of learning and healthy competition. The three themes will navigate your ideas. Maybe it’s a problem that needs to be solved, an idea without the time, a skill that could help someone else, or just silly geekery, we welcome all skill levels and reasons for hanging out. Choose your own adventure for a chance to win some serious treasures.

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  1. Each participant may compete individually or as part of one team, but not both, and not on multiple teams/projects.
  2. Teams will be limited 5 to keep competition fair and healthy. Please list all team members that contributed to your project on your presentation in the “Team Members” slide, even if they did not officially sign up for the hackathon. It is not fair to receive extra outside help without disclosing that information so the judges can take that into consideration (don’t try to make it look like 2 people did the work of 4).
  3. Volunteers are eligible for prizes as long as they are not working with the judges. This includes defining judging rules, criteria, selection, and concierge services.


Must submit their projects online on the due state as state in the rules.


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Terrance MacGregor
CEO / Bytelion

Judging Criteria

  • Business Case
    Does the application solve a valid business case?
  • Working
    Does the application work?